Local Power

For Connecticut Through 

Community Choice Aggregation

A simple path to local control, reduced energy rates and clean energy

What is it?

CCAs are programs that allow local governments to buy power for their residents, businesses, and municipal accounts, often renewable energy, while still receiving transmission and distribution service from their existing utility provider.


 Why Are CCAs Important?


-Enables rapid shift to renewable energy

-Establishes pathway to reduce carbon emissions, helping to fight climate change

-Gives people a far greater say in the makeup of their energy

-Develops local renewables, creating local jobs

-Provides opportunity for funding for

community solar and member's energy

saving or energy producing projects

Successful CCAs

-At least 20 municipalities in MA have gone beyond state mandated minimum standards for purchasing green energy including Abington, Lowell, Lexington and Tisbury

-Brookline, MA residents have received 100% renewables at less than the cost of basic service

- Melrose, MA has reduced their use of energy from fossil fuels by 5% and have received more stable rates

-The Cape Light Compact, operating in Cape Cod and Martha's Vinyard, has saved its residents more that $485 million through their Energy Efficiency Program

since 2001


-If your municipality adopts a CCA, all residents are automatically enrolled in the program. However, residents can still choose to opt-out

-This gives everyone the choice to find an energy plan that works best for them

How would CCAs affect me?

CCAs only change the price and source of energy generation

-Often makes electricity rates cheaper for communities

-Provides renewable energy from wind, solar, geothermal, anaerobic digestion or hydroelectric power

-Uses existing utilities infrastructure

-No new poles or wires need to be built

-UI or Eversource would still deliver the electricity and send you the bill


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