Reduce emissions, help save the environment 

This page outlines the ways businesses can minimize their carbon emissions through energy efficiency, renewable energy, and transportation. 

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How Can Businesses Combat Climate Change?

Climate Change in 

New Haven

     Studies have found that damages from severe weather events as well as the health effects spurred by burning fossil fuels have cost the US economy at least $240 billion a year for the past 10 years

     New Haven is not immune to these events and costs, as seen most recently in the May 2018 tornado and our increasingly serious snow storms.

     With parts of New Haven lying bellow sea level, such areas are particularly vulnerable to flooding and water damage. Following storms, businesses can not operate with such damage, resulting in decreased profits.


Energy Efficiency

in Business

Save Money, Save Energy, Save the Environment 

5 Ways Climate Change Effects Business

1) Increased risk of structural damage due to extreme


2) Changes in resource availability and cost

3) Increased demand for climate conscious businesses

4) Public health crisis from climate change affect the health of consumer and employee bases

5) Making positive changes can attract favorable media


  • Energize CT

  • Green Bank

    • C-Pace Program: is an innovative program that lets building owners pay for green improvements over time through a voluntary benefit assessment

      • C-PACE is a financing program that allows businesses to access financing to undertake qualifying energy efficiency and clean energy improvements on their buildings.

  • United Illuminated

    • ​Free energy Audits
      • Rebates

      • Commercial and Industrial Solutions

    • Small Business Energy Advantage: a no-cost, no-obligation audit of your facility that includes lighting, HVAC and refrigeration systems

  • Eversource

    • Energy Savings Plan: This tool uses your account information and answers to a few short questions to build you a customized plan to lower your energy use and save money while protecting our planet

Where businesses can find more information catered to individual business?

Renewable Energy

The most effective way for businesses to completely cut all electricity based carbon emissions is to invest in renewable energy and become energy independent. 

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If your business is interested in further minimizing your carbon emissions and combating climate change, consider these transportation resources:


goNewHavengo is a sustainable transportation coalition that encourages healthier, cleaner, and cheaper travel in the Greater New Haven Area.

5 Ways to Improve


1) Get an energy audit to identify opportunities, many with short paybacks

2) Purchase energy-efficient office equipment

3) Reduce Peak Demand, or the time of day when the most energy is being used

4) Use energy-efficient lighting

5) Prevent “Phantom” and other wasted energy

Leading Businesses in New Haven

         IKEA has installed solar fuel cells on the roof of their New Haven business, intending on becoming energy independent by 2020. They also have developed many goods intended specifically to be more energy efficient

       Donovan’s Reef Restaurant  funded energy efficient lighting through Energize CT's Small Business Advantage Program. Their investment was returned in only 3 years

       Bigelow Tea replaced inefficient chillers, upgraded to LED lighting, and installed an Energy Management System. Their return of investment was 5 years.

       Bishops Orchards installed nearly 1500 solar panels to power 80% of their farm's electric operations. The project will return the farm its investments within 8 years.


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  • Energize CT 

    • Solar Overview:​ What is solar power and what are the pros and cons of its use?

    • Business Sustainability ChallengeTackle common business issues like utility costs, waste, and employee engagement in the context of sustainability and energy efficiency. Become competitive and resilient by following recommended action steps that are accessible, achievable, and profitable.

  • Solarize CT: Helping the people and businesses of Connecticut go solar

  • Green Bank

    • Solar PPA: an opportunity to go solar with no money down. PPA allows building owners to experience the benefits of solar energy without the responsibility of owning or maintaining a solar PV system.

    • GoSolarCT: Online resource that answers any questions you may have about going solar. 


Solar Programs Catered to Businesses

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CTrides helps commuters find the best way to get to work or school and offers information & resources for travel options throughout Connecticut. CTrides offers; carpools, vanpools, bus, train, biking/walking and teleworking solutions.