The Energy Fundraising Challenge

Make use of the resources on this page to find out how much you and your community can save by making your home more energy efficient. The savings can then be used to donate to your favorite cause/charity

For Teachers and Schools

To begin, please open the Teacher guide here. This will explain the campaign you can run for your students in simple steps. 

For Organizations and


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Save Energy Worksheet

How can you save energy in your home? And how will these energy savings convert to yearly monetary savings? Use this worksheet to find out. Haga clic aquí para una versión del worksheet en español

Student Prep Guide

Give this Prep Guide to students to instruct them on how to fill out their worksheet at home.

Letter to guardians

Download this letter to share with students and or their guardians, giving them important information regarding the charity/cause, which you can add in on the space provided in the letter. 

For Yourself, Family,

and Friends

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Carbon Dioxide Emissions Worksheet

How does energy use convert to carbon dioxide emissions (CO2)? Ask your students to perform the simple calculations on this worksheet.

Pledge to save energy

Print these pledge sheets and have your students go home and discuss with the other members of their household the ways they can each save energy. Assign a deadline for handing in the sheets.

Workshop Guide

You can use this guide to introduce and inform your students to the campaign.


If you want to help us spread the word, you can email or print this flyer to give out or post on a wall in your school.