Frequently Asked Questions

How will the switch alter my utility bill/electric bill?


Your utility will continue to set your rate, read your meter, and deliver electricity to your residence.  Your clean energy supplier will simply purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from wind farms to match 50-100% of your electricity consumption, depending on which plan you select.


Arcadia is the only company that would not be on your regular utility/electric bill, as they take over your utility/electric bill.

What is the difference between a 50% and 100% renewable energy switch?


A 50% renewable energy switch can be made through Arcadia power at no additional cost. However, a 100% switch is preferable and would likely have a small additional cost, depending on the options available to you and the company you decide on.


What are the possible problems I could experience with my electricity? Do I lose power more frequently? Have there been issues with the service in the past?


Your local utility still owns and operates the power lines. You are no more likely to have a power outage using RECs than you would with a standard energy plan. So, as usual, if the power goes out, please immediately call your local utility.


Is this certified? Do I receive a certificate?


In order to say that you're using renewable energy, you must purchase both physical electrons as well as the corresponding Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs): those two things together are what make up renewable energy. When you sign up for the switch, your utility or electric bill would be providing the physical electrons, and your clean energy supplier will issue you the RECs


By purchasing RECs, you're increasing the demand for clean energy - which expands access and availability, helps the environment, and reduces our reliance on fossil fuels - without having to install and maintain your own equipment.


To read more about RECs click here.  


How do I make payments?


EnergizeCT: payment methods vary based on supplier and circumstance

Arcadia: automatic billing

Community Energy: in person, online, by mail, by phone


Is one option better than the others?


Choosing nonrenewable energy is choosing to widen the massive carbon footprint it leaves behind. Therefore, a 100% clean energy switch is the best option for the Earth’s and our well-being, although any switch to renewable energy is great. The best switch option for you can then be considered the “better” option.

How do I know what is best for my home/business?


All three companies listed on our Clean Energy Summer page will help find the best options available for your home or the one you are renting.


EnergizeCT and Community Energy both provide options for businesses. Making the switch to renewable energy proves your company is leading in a conscientious direction.


Will the electricity rates change after I sign up for renewable energy?


The rates are subject to change, just as with any other energy supplier, and just as often.


Is there an enrollment or cancellation fee?


This is dependant on the supplier, plan, and payment method being used. For example, Arcadia Power has a 3% processing fee to use a credit card or debit card. There is no fee to use a checking account.


Is there a contract?


This is also dependant on the supplier and plan chosen. Once you have chosen each of these, and if you find there is a contract, it is suggested you look into the length of it, whether or not there is a termination fee, as well as whether it renews automatically (if so, at a fixed or variable rate).