Why You Should Care About Energy Efficiency:

  • Save hundreds of dollars per year for food, clothing, and other expenses if you pay your own utility bill

  • Making small changes such as turning off lights or running your appliances less frequently can save you at least 10% on your current utility bill

  • Decrease your carbon footprint

  • Help the city save money by recycling

Energy Savings Plan

In addition, you have the opportunity to create an account through your utility company and manage your rental property's energy efficiency. Through the personalized Energy Savings Plan, you can register each of your appliances and figure out if they're saving you money or costing you money. Click on your utility company to set up your personalized Energy Savings Plan:


United Illuminating

Connecticut Natural Gas

Southern Connecticut Gas

Looking for a Rental Property?

If you're searching for a rental property, it's important to learn about your utility costs and the age of your appliances, heating and cooling units, and windows. Check out this link to learn more about what to look for and ask about before signing the lease. 

A Guide for Renting and Creating Lower Cost Energy Efficient Apartments and Homes

Click here to take a quick survey about energy efficiency in your living space.

Simple Changes You Can Make To Save Energy:

  1. Thermostat - Turning up the temperature during the summer and turning it down during the winter can help save energy. The DOE recommends setting the air conditioner at 74 degrees during the summer and the furnace at 68 during the winter to keep your house comfortable while reducing your energy costs and decreasing the demand on the energy grid.

  2. Ceiling fans - Ceiling fans should be set to spin counterclockwise in the summer, which pulls hot air up to the ceiling and away from the living space. In the winter, reverse the setting so the fans blow the hot air down.

  3. Energy Star appliances - Look for the Energy Star label to be sure your appliances are energy-efficient, including washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, dehumidifiers, room air conditioners, computers and more. Check out EnergizeCT for possible rebates on these items.

  4. Unplug home electronics - Use power strips to turn off your stereos, DVD players, televisions, kitchen appliances, TVs and any other plugged-in appliances when not in use, or unplug these items until you really need them.

  5. Energy efficient light bulbs - A quick and easy way to save energy is to replace incandescent lights with energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights or LEDs.

  6. Conserve water - Low-flow fixtures that conserve water are available for your shower, faucets and toilets. Be sure to replace faucets that drip, fix toilets that leak, and turn off the spigot when brushing your teeth or scrubbing dishes.

  7. Close all doors - Close the doors on your refrigerator and house as quickly as possible. Keep fireplace dampers shut when not in use and close the curtains to cover your windows at night.

Tips for Talking with Your Landlord and Other Tenants about E.E.

  • If you're thinking about having an energy assessment done on your rental property, you must have your landlord sign off stating that the consulting firm may step foot in their building. When you present the document or send it to your landlord, talk about how it can save them money and increase the property's value. Be sure to state that the workers are NOT trying to catch code violations! - This had been one of the main fears of numerous landlords. 

  • Always discuss the advantages to your landlord and for the building as a whole

  • If you pay your own utility bill and you qualify for the HES Core Services, encourage your landlord to pay for the $124 copay as the price will soon be rising to $199. However, you may have to pay for the upgrade on your own. 

  • Encourage other tenants to do Energy Assessments on their units

  • Place posters and signs up around your building about recycling and other steps they can take to lower their energy usage (posters and recycling stickers coming soon)

  • Try meeting with other tenants a few times a year to discuss energy efficiency and the progress that the building has made

  • Send out emails to tenants reminding them to lower their energy usage and encourage your landlord to do so as well

  • Tell other tenants about this resource!

Energy Efficiency Audits 

An energy efficiency audit can be done on your rental property through United Illuminating. UI comes onto your property and assesses your energy usage. They also install basic energy efficient upgrades such as changing out light bulbs, installing low flow shower heads, and sealing up drafts caused by cracks in window casings. At the end of the assessment, you will receive a list of recommended larger upgrades which you can hand over to your landlord. This program is also a great way to check the health and safety of your property, and financing options are available if something comes up. 

If you want the full service of this home energy assessment your landlord must sign off stating that the workers may come onto the property. Make it clear to your landlord that these workers are not trying to enforce buildings codes. They are simply trying to make your property more energy efficient.


Home Energy Solutions - Core Services

If your family is income eligible, the Home Energy Solutions - Income Eligible program offers this assessment for free. If you are not income eligible, then the current cost of the assessment is $124. The following table displays the income caps based on the number of people living in the unit. 

*Please note that the HES and HES-IE programs are only for rental properties with 2-4 units. There is a Multifamily Initiative for rental properties with 5+ units.

Income Guidelines

2016-2017 Fuel Season

Yearly Income Limits

(All Household Members)

Energize CT

Energize CT is a state funded program that provides energy efficiency resources such as rebates, financing, and other solutions for your home. Please click on the following links for more information. 

Energy Basics - This link contains a list of different energy and utility options.

Tips Home Page - Click on the icons representing different aspects of your living space that you can update.

Find a Lender - Looking for financing for your next project? This is the perfect link for you!

Solutions/Programs - Want a list of all of the possible options? Click the link above.

FAQs - If you still have questions regarding programs or solutions, please click the link above or call 1 (877) WISE-USE or

1 (877) 947-3873. 

You can also visit the Energize CT Center to learn more about energy efficiency options for your rental property. 

122 Universal Drive N

North Haven, CT 06473

Open Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm

(203) 799-0460

Ask your landlord about your property's energy efficiency today!